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Distance Calculator Between Two GPS Points
Many handheld GPS units give distances in kilometers and miles. Depending on the resolution, converting these values to meters and feet can result in a very low accuracy. For example, a GPS unit gives the distance out to 0.01 kilometer or 0.01 mile. This corresponds to an accuracy of only 10 meters or 53 feet.

Use this tool to calculate the great circle distance between two GPS points. The points can be in decimal degrees (dd.ddddd), degrees and minutes (dd mm.mmmmm) or degrees, minutes and seconds (dd mm ss.sssss). The distance calculation will be given in meters, feet, kilometers and miles.
Decimal Degrees  
Point #1 (dd.ddddd) Point #2 (dd.ddddd)  
North    East North   East
Degress and Minutes     
Point #1 (dd mm.mmmmm) Point #2 (dd mm.mmmmm)  
North     East   North     East  
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds    
Point #1 (dd mm ss.sssss) Point #2 (dd mm ss.sssss)  
North       East     North       East    
Distances:   meters  kilometers  feet  miles

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